[Translate to Englisch:] "CODEX HUMANUS - Das Buch der Menschlichkeit"

Alle wichtigen Naturheilmittel aus allen KontinentenKulturkreisen und Epochen dieser Welt komprimiert in diesem Werk auf 2015 Seiten !

Sabotierte und verheimlichte Studien zu sensationellen Erfolgen in der Prävention und Therapie aller erdenklichen Erkrankungen!

Von A wie Alterung über G wie Grippe, K wie Krebs bishin zu Z wie Zirrhose finden alle Gebrechen und Krankheiten ihren potenten Wirkstoff - ganz nebenwirkungsfrei!

Mit diesem Buch verlieren alle Krankheiten ihren Schrecken..!

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The current situation collides with our humanitarian responsibilities!

"The anti-corruption organisation Transparency International estimates that the total amount spent in Germany to influence doctors and other representatives of the sector is 9.4 billion euro a year; the Hamburg state government even quotes a figure of 11 billion. Furthermore, the corruption of doctors has no longer been liable to prosecution in practical terms for more than a year. On that occasion, the German Federal Court (BGH) decided that established doctors cannot be subject to legal action on account of corruption, although the judges themselves spoke of "corrupt conduct".  

Source: “Gier-Ärzte kommen weiter davon” [Greedy doctors off the hook again], in Stern, online edition of 27.06.20132 2



"The last reason for resisting an innovation in medicine is that hundreds of thousands of people make their living from something incurable...."  Prof.Dr.Friedrich F. Friedmann



"Qui sanat vincit" ("The one who heals is right")

We take the deeply considered view, and are committed to this at a business and private level, that every responsible citizen has a natural right to information on the complete repertoire of thoroughly investigated prevention and therapy options available, in order to protect or restore his or her greatest asset - their health - and to successfully counteract biological ageing!

This is completely irrespective of the fact that natural remedies are not patentable and collide with the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession for this reason - their effect is therefore kept secret but also frequently denounced in the strongest terms with all available means..!