[Translate to Englisch:] "MEDIZINSKANDAL DIABETES - wie Sie erfolgreich Ihren Diabetes therapieren!"

Erfolgreich mit verheimlichten Studien und dem INSIDER-WISSEN der besten Diabetes-Therapeuten der Welt,  Diabetes therapieren und sich vor unangenehmen Folgen von Diabetes schützen. Ein einzigartiges Kompendium mit 772 Seiten!

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Ihre Provision: 40% per Sale!

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Why sell books in the first place?

Books have the highest conversion rate (CR) on the Internet!!

As the German Working Group for Online Media Research (AGOF) recently determined, books generally have the highest conversion rate of all products on the Internet!


AGOF internet facts 5-20138 indicate that 6 out of 10 Internet users in Germany are interested in books (60.1 percent, 30.91 million) and almost half of the users buy books on the Internet (46.9 percent, 24.15 million). In light of the growing interest from the population in alternative prevention and therapy programmes, we currently have our finger on the pulse with our bestseller "Codex Humanus" as a hardback in 2 volumes (1965 pages): 







The eBook market in Germany is also expanding – one in five German citizens buys eBooks!

Apart from our hardback bestsellers, "Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity", "Medical Scandal Cancer", "Medical Scandal Ageing", "Medical Scandal Hypertension", "Medical Scandal Diabetes", "Medical Scandal Arthrosis" and "Medical Scandal Adiposis" (also available as a less expensive eBook edition), amongst others, we also offer a large number of eBook bestsellers. It has been verified that books are among the most popular commodities on the Internet, and according to a current study by the PwC with the title “E-Books im Aufwind” [eBooks on the rise], eBooks are also strongly gaining ground in Germany!9

Another study, this time by the high-tech association BITKOM, highlights the upward trend by showing that around one fifth (21%) of all German citizens read electronic books (eBooks).10 According to research observations, this is a development which will establish the eBook as an equivalent counterpart to the hardback book as a result of the irresistible advance of tablet PCs and eBook readers, and perhaps even surpass it someday soon…! 

According to PwC, the eBook market in the USA will the overtake the book market in 2017, and market observers also confirm that the USA will play a typical pioneering role for Germany in this case!




If you are currently looking for the ULTIMATE future-proof product which you wish to sell as an affiliate and are wondering whether there is a better one, it really does exist – in just one form:

EBOOKS!  Very special eBooks…


“You can sell insurance, loans, travel or shares… but the
most valuable asset of every human being, whatever their age, gender, ethnic or social origin, is and will remain their HEALTH!

The illustrative eBook on
curing arthritis by Maggie Garrison mentioned above takes its place in a series of very special books which are in a league of their own; we would like to briefly explain the reasons for this…:



Prosperity vs. EXISTENCE

We live in a welfare state in which, strictly speaking and on closer consideration, the term "existence" should not be associated with finances – because nobody has starved to death or died of thirst so far, and even a roof over your head and clothing are always provided…!

Whereas the interest in investments and goods, which improve your finances, is already very high (partner programmes for insurance, loans, capital investment, etc. are generally regarded as very profitable…), it is therefore only natural and seems only logical that there will NEVER be a more popular topic for the "human animal" than safeguarding its actual existence/preservation:


This is an interest which can understandably be described as "immense" and cannot be replaced by anything else, especially if "the damage has already been done" and you or a close friend or relative fall seriously ill!