Promotion tips for the partner programme


The following tips will provide you a possible guideline for the easiest way to market our eBooks from a content-related, and technical view. 

Our advertising materials are already equipped with an appropriate psychological advertising argument – if you have additional space for text (if you have a blog, extend the contents of your websites or use newsletters, etc.), they can be profitably supplemented by a number of the points stated below: 


  • Run-of-the-mill health books are ten a penny on the market! So concentrate on the unique character of our very special books for marketing our "MEDICAL SCANDALS" eBooks, namely: the exclusive inside knowledge, in the form of concealed and often denounced studies and therapies, which is NOT conveyed at medical universities and which neither doctors let alone their patients are aware of in most cases!
  • Do not be parsimonious with catchphrases such as “concealed", "denigrated", "secret", "denounced" studies and therapies... because these adjectives ultimately reflect the facts, arouse interest in the reader and are discussed or revealed in our eBooks as a medical scandal. All our products disclose these concealed and secret studies – do not beat about the bush if you wish to market and enlighten..! Be that as it may, our business is to tell the truth - so always be objective and truthful in your sales argumentation...
  • Always point objectively but specifically to the shortcomings and failures of orthodox medicine (key phrases: treatment of symptoms instead of causes ensures many years of expensive treatment instead of a cure / patients become customers, corruption in the health sector, etc...). 
  • Do not pinch pennies with the superlatives inherent in our eBooks. They are:  "Probably the world's biggest treatise on the subject of cancer, diabetes, anti-ageing, etc. which has not been influenced by the pharmaceutical industry..."  Do not forget to mention the impressive number of pages of the respective book you are marketing!
  • Repeatedly emphasize that the INSIDE knowledge in our books can be easily verified by the layman and is always underpinned by relevant studies and statements of real experts, who are mentioned by name.
  • Always encourage your prospective customers to confront their doctor with the knowledge in the eBooks, in order to further underpin the credibility of our (incredible) eBooks – cooperation with the attending doctor is expressly desired! He or she will not be aware of this knowledge, because his or her knowledge stems comes from universities where it is not taught – if he or she is  a good doctor, he or she will always be grateful for new and useful information! 
  • If you have a number of email addresses and wish to pursue email marketing, there is no way round the intelligent solution of "Klick-tipp". We use this software ourselves with a decent amount of success and can highly recommend it:
  • Create your own landing pages (sales pages), through which you sell our products or recruit your network partners! You do have to not be an expert programmer. You can obtain ready-made solutions for a small monthly budget which you can use immediately without lengthy familiarisation times. These include: modular system for websites / landing pages, autoresponders, newsletters, marketer training, contact management, follow-ups from professional copywriters, follow-up mails and many others – you will find out more about this: HERE 
  • The best basis for selling a product successfully is to know all about it and get fully behind it. To make this easier for you, you receive a 40% discount on all eBooks which we market for personal use as a partner! You can obtain a condensed cross-section of the overall knowledge by purchasing our complete work "Codex Humanus"! 
  • Are you already working as a NETWORKER for another company? We will give you the opportunity to create a second source of income in no time! Since our eBooks do not compete with food supplements, wellness products, diet products, fitness and cosmetics – quite the opposite, they even synergetically complement them – you can import your existing downline to us without any problems and immediately get started with full power – talk to us about this option! 
  • Banners or text links? Test what generally works better for you! Recommendation marketing is the alpha and omega. Our eBooks achieve conversion rates which are well above average with corresponding text in which you honestly recommend the product yourself.  Furthermore, there are studies which indicate that skilfully placed text links generate click rates which are 7x higher than banner ads! According to a large-scale study from Microsoft, blue underlined text links (exact colour => #0044CC) are the most successful in this respect!  You will find out more about this HERE.
  • If you have a blog or send newsletters, the best thing is to discuss a specific problem, in order to subsequently market the respective eBook as your personal recommendation! If you wish to market e.g. our eBook "Medical Scandal Heart Attack", you could refer to the medical scandal about the denounced strophanthin or e.g. question why highly effective vital substances such as Q10 are not used in cardiology. If you wish to promote our eBook "Medical Scandal Cancer", you could talk about suppressed and denounced natural remedies such as laetrile (bitter apricot kernels). Glucosamine, which has been excluded by the Health Claims Ordinance, could be under discussion in the case of arthrosis, etc... If you wish to market our "Codex Humanus", the combination of several of these scandals is recommended... The same also applies here: report truthfully and do not exaggerate..! Always remain fair and do not attack unnecessarily – orthodox medicine does wonderful work in individual areas, e.g. trauma and reconstructive surgery, obstetrics and similar. Only a thorough restructuring of the complete health care system which aims for complementary, holistic medicine would contribute to the well-being of all human beings and patients in the long term, not the absolute exclusion of orthodox medicine..!
  • Always bear in mind that our landing pages (long variant in sales letter style) are what do the selling (see e.g. So if you wish to link to the overall shop, remember that you have to provide your customers with the information, which is omitted there for reasons of space, beforehand, e.g. if you send a newsletter, you can explain the issues in an appropriate manner and then link to the shop. In particular cases, a brief introduction and then a link to the overall shop are sufficient if there is a high level of trust or a very expert audience! 
  • Are you looking for a large number of specific, very unorthodox but effective tips and tricks to enable you to market our products as an affiliate and gain further partners for your own sales network? You will find precisely these insider tips in the Kindle edition of the 117-page book "Affiliate Marketing – Geld verdienen im Internet ohne eigene Produkte" [Affiliate Marketing - Making money on the Internet without your own products] at the unbeatable price of € 0.89 – also ideally suited to beginners!   


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