Next generation affiliate partner program - the 'Duplication Business'


Online business is increasingly subject to accelerating change. Whereas the internet of the early days was regarded as an 'El Dorado' for milksops who could write a few lines of HTML code and knew how to fool the first search engine algorithms, the winners of the future will be creative minds, trailblazers and visionaries…! 




Market niche in the growth market + innovative affiliate program = success!

Become part of our SUCCESS SYNERGY of new, coveted products that spring from an exploding GROWTH MARKET in an absolute MARKET NICHE and an innovative and HIGHLY LUCRATIVE PARTNER PROGRAM and take advantage of the success principle of Facebook, Google, Ebay & Co!

In addition to a secured commission of 40% per sale, we offer you a stand-alone option that allows you to collect commission payments of up to 76% in total

According to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, one of the strongest growth markets of today is the 'Future Health Care Market'.1 Market niche products which are in high demand, together with one of the most lucrative and dynamic partner programs on the internet, promise you the highest possible return!




ATTENTION - INTRODUCTORY OFFER: If you register as an Affiliate in our Partner Programme by 31 December 2020, we will welcome you as an inaugural Premium Partner and will give you a €5 registration bonus*!

* This promotion is valid for
Affiliate registrations until 31 December 2020. The credit will automatically be added to your Partner Account after successful registration and will be offset with the first payment (from €15). Cash payment of the bonus credit is not possible.