Business with DUPLICATION – a practice-oriented explanation


The majority of the population do not understand network marketing (MLM) and do not see the potential. Too few people have seriously and competently considered it so far!"                                                                                                     

 (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)

Unfortunately, very few advertising webmasters are really aware of the enormous earning potential which lies behind the term "Business with duplication" – the principle which has made MLM method companies such as Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife or Vorwerk so big. A principle which is also increasingly finding its way into the New Economy for good reason.

For example, if you take part in in the Friends&Family programme of 1&1 as a professional seller and recruit other resellers, you are already pursuing multi-level marketing (MLM) in principle and therefore participating in business with duplication! 


Let's start with a short anecdote to illustrate the incredible power of this fascinating sales form...:

The principle of "business with duplication" is actually based on an ancient historical background. Legend has it that the inventor of the game of chess was granted a wish by the king as a reward for his invention. At first glance he didn't want anything special...


The chess board should merely be filled with grains of rice, namely in the following way:

One grain of rice should be placed on the first square, two grains of rice on the second square, four on the third, eight on the fourth, etc. (i.e. always twice as many grains of rice on a square as on the preceding square).

The king was delighted, the wish could not have been more modest, and ordered his servants to carry out the "pious request" immediately.

However, if the king had had the appropriate mathematical knowledge at his disposal, he would certainly not have made such a stupid mistake, because if you follow this arrangement of the grains, there will be 

9,223,327,036,854,775,808 grains of rice

on the last square alone (square 64)!


Incidentally, the total amount of the grains of rice provides the incredible number of 18446744073709600000. If you laid them next to each other, you would actually cover entire surface of the earth… Considered in strictly mathematical terms, this is an exponential function, i.e.: 


                                               precisely the principle of duplication,

                           which our partner programme (in the "MLM Affiliate" option) is governed by!


In this respect, the 64 chessboard squares are a symbolic representation of your network partners in our MLM affiliate partner programme, and the grains of rice are the generated sales which you will have a share in. But...: 


                         The wonderful thing about our integrated "No-Door-to-Door" feature:

You do not have to persuade or recruit anyone – all these partners are automatically recruited through your website via cookie tracking to procure purchases for YOU in future…!

Irrespective of this, it goes without saying that you can actively recommend our partner programme to other webmasters and friends or, for example, import an existing network to us, in order to accelerate the growth of your network.




We allow ourselves a short digression to discuss our specific "Business with duplication" before we go into the details of our business model in the following and talk about your income prospects in concrete terms:


1.    You register with our partner programme and integrate the advertising materials for our products as usual.

This follows the standard principle of the conventional affiliate partner programme thus far…

Now it starts to get more specific: you also promote our partner programme on your website or blog in addition to the advertising for our products, in order to activate our network feature and take part in the "multi-level nature" of our partner programme!
"MLM Affiliate"), our most lucrative option).


2.    10 different webmasters stumble on your website/blog as potential candidates, click the Partner-recruits-Partner advertising (link or banner) for our joint partner programme there and register for it. We assign these partners uniquely to you via cookie tracking!

You now have 10 sales partners (sub-affiliates) in your first downline (Downline1) - you thereby automatically also have a share in their sales!

These 10 webmasters also very kindly incorporate the advertisement for our partner programme for all of us on their website in addition to the advertisement for the books – after all, they also wish to participate in the multi-level MLM affiliate programme!

3.    3 more webmasters stumble on the websites of each of these 10 webmasters, read the advertisement for the partner programme and become partners who also market our partner programme for all of us in their own interest!

These 30 partners (10 x 3 partners) are also assigned to you, namely in your second level (Downline2). Your network has therefore already grown to a total of 40 (Downline1 + Downline2) sales partners (sub-affiliates), and here too you profit from each individual sale procured by these partners!


4.    The 30 partners in Downline2 also advertise the partner programme for all of us and each of them gains another 3 partners – your Downline3 therefore already consists of 90 sales partners.



5.    3 more webmasters stumble on the websites of each of these 90 webmasters, see the advertisement for the partner programme and also decide to join the partner programme. Your Downline4 now has 270 partners who market the partner programme in their own interest (therefore also in yours)!

6.    3 more webmasters read the advertisement for the partner programme on each of the 270 websites of your partners and also become further partners of your network. Your Downline5 therefore consists of 810 partners!

In the final analysis you have built up an army of 10 + 30 + 90 + 270 + 810 = 1210 sales partners (sub-affiliates) completely passively (solely by linking to our partner programme!), all of whom sell for you today and also in the future, while your sales partner network continues to grow…


Congratulations, you have just set up your own network - meaning that your business has been DUPLICATED completely passively 1,210 times!!!



But how can the network develop in an automatic and largely passive manner? 

The "trick" behind our
"No-Door-to-Door" feature

As already explained, this is not a trick, it is actually the same procedure which is used for cookie tracking, which you are already familiar with in normal advertising materials for products! The advertising for our partner programme (
see our advertising materials) is nothing more than this, and we apply it in exactly the same way! 

This is how, when registering new partners, we always know exactly which one our partners the newly recruited affiliate must be allocated to as a sales partner in his or her downline (network) – a process which you can check in real-time via your affiliate access to our partner programme software!

Exactly the same thing takes place in case of the sales partners who are recruited by the sales partners who you originally recruited – here the cookie tells us that they were recruited by a sales partner who you recruited in the first instance and therefore assign these partners to your Downline 2! 

The same thing also happens to the sales partners of the sales partners whose sales partners you recruited. We assign them to your Downline 3, etc. in this manner, with up to 9 downlines!  


In concrete terms, this means:

You not only make money from all purchases you procured but also:

  • from the purchases procured by all the partners you procured (Level/Downline 1)


  • from all the purchases procured by partners procured by these partners (Level/Downline 2)


  • from all purchases procured by the partners procured by these partners (Level/Downline 3)


  • from all purchases procured by the partners procured by these partners (Level/Downline 4)



  • and finally also on all purchases procured by the partners procured by these partners up to max. of Level and Downline 9! 


The basic premise of the duplication business

or how do I switch on the "income turbocharger"..?

Apart from your own sales (remunerated at 40% per sale), you also make money over up to 9 levels in your own network as an MLM Affiliate.  Here you are assured of between 17% and 36% of the sales of your partners, depending on the number of your own sales!

A basic premise for the duplication business, which also explains which is the quickest way to drive forward your business development and allow your commission to explode in the truest sense of the word, is derived from this…: 

The more aggressively you promote your (our) partner programme on your website, the quicker the width and depth of your downline (your network) will grow, the quicker you will duplicate your business and thereby increase your income!


The more eBook purchases you procure, the higher the commission level!

We make various options for the promotion of our partner programme available to you, in order to make this easier for you.  Please refer to our
Partner-recruits-Partner advertising.



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