Our goals - what do we strive for?


The progress of dangerous, so-called 'diseases of civilisation' is increasing with epidemic-like proportions according to the WHO (World Health Organization). Incredibly, according to the 'Global Burden of Disease Study 2010' (GBDS 2010), hypertension has even surpassed 'childhood hunger' as the leading cause of death and is considered the Number One cause of death worldwide!

Meanwhile, one in every two people dies of cardiovascular disease or cancer, one in three succumbs to cancer alone. According to the World Health Organization, the number of cancers is expected to increase by 40% by 2025 and by as much as 70% in the next 20 years!

Every 10 seconds, somewhere in this world, a person dies from the effects of diabetes. For the first time, more people around the world are dying from being overweight than from malnutrition... This sad state of affairs is also a rising trend and raises this thorny question:

'Where do the hallowed, research-driven pharmaceutical companies stand in all of this..?!'



SELF-MANAGEMENT of our own health, with an increasing focus on consumers!

Every year (preferably just in time for the summer holidays) we get annoyed when we hear the oh-so-joyful message from the media that the treatment of some chronic disease, usually diabetes, cancer or, like this year, hepatitis C, has finally seen a breakthrough and a medical cure is about to be approved...

Can we have a reality check please? Try to name a single chronic disease that the pharmaceutical industry has mastered in the past 50 years, and which, like pellagra, scurvy or beriberi (all healed by natural substances!), has practically disappeared from humanity due to actual healing! None: reality check - failed...! 

On the contrary, in their own bodies or in their immediate environment, people are experiencing outbreaks of illnesses - very often life-threatening ones - that reduce our quality of life more than ever - on the other hand, they recognise that conventional medicine, despite alleged research, as well as billions in funding, is reaching its limits. Worse still, with approximately 25,000 deaths in Germany alone, the side effects of officially approved drugs take more lives each year than, for example, road traffic... 4

All too often, these are put on the market by unfair means and often seriously endanger our health, even our lives!

'You can almost say that up to 90 percent of the studies are manipulated in some way. And no one really cares'.


Becker-Brüser, editor of the newsletter 'Arzneimittel-Telegramm' ('Medicinal Telegram') knows this after 30 years of researching drug studies, while obviously planted media articles repeatedly spread the tale of oh-so-useless vitamin C and dangerous vitamin E, often in a very grotesque way, and spread the widespread charlatanism among naturopaths...!  The same situation in the USA, Canada, Australia, GB and many other countries...


'You people, you patients - get angry!'


The unforgivable '7 deadly sins of medicine' (1. Commercialisation of disease and suffering, 2. Greed for money, 3. Desire for possessions, 4. Corruption, 5. Ethical problems, 6. Lack of compassion, 7. Illusion of universal feasibility), which are deeply rooted in our health system, must be stopped, both for the protection of our own health and a social togetherness for today, and for the generations of tomorrow! 

'You can fool all people some time and some people all the time, but not all people all the time'

Abraham Lincoln


In fact, fewer and fewer citizens are willing to accept this manipulative 'closeness' of the industry to politics  at the cost of their own health...!

Even the biggest sceptics, contemporaries who like to laugh at everything and everyone and unceremoniously brand others as conspiracy theorists, are gradually awakening thanks to the internet and media activity, and are starting to detect the collusion between politics and big industry, which only turns out in favour of the citizen in very rare instances - which, however, has very serious consequences in healthcare..!


'It's a give and take, a coming and going between politicians and ministry officials and pharmaceutical industry representatives. And it cannot be like this, because in a family, if you turn it into a Cosa Nostra, turn everything to your own cause, of course, checks are eliminated!'

Uwe Dolata (Confederation of Detective Officers in Frontal 21, ZDF report: 'The Pharmaceutical Cartel')


People are increasingly questioning the things around them, and with good reason. They are doing their own research, taking their fate into their own hands and in health issues are turning to the increasingly helpful and gentle alternatives of 'Mother' nature. The people’s return to the healing powers of nature has long since begun and is progressing rapidly, because it is the nature of a species, which itself consists entirely of biological cell structure, to rely on biological, natural remedies, instead of relying on synthetic, toxic substances...!

'Nature does not understand fun, it is always true, always serious, always strict. She is always right and the mistakes and errors are always those of humanity!'

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe




Alternatives that should be first-choice!

We use our informative and navigational  books and ebooks to support this already massive popular movement, which is only just beginning. This movement promotes largely unknown natural alternatives, some of which have been used very successfully for thousands of years, and have achieved incredible success in modern studies and in everyday therapy without being publicly known - as opposed to conventional medicine, which is only 150 years old, whose deficiencies on the one hand and high side-effect profile on the other should make it a second-choice alternative at best!

'We have to start questioning doctors and stop taking medicines. We do not need them. There is not a single chemical drug sold by the pharmaceutical industry whose benefits outweigh its harm! '

Dr. Virapen, 30 years managing director and manager of leading pharmaceutical companies


The unbelievably helpful and simultaneously gentle alternatives around which our products revolve do not originate from the camp of conventional medicine by any means!

They exist in the form of traditional natural remedies, as well as current knowledge from modern, uncorrupted molecular medicine, epigenetics and biochemistry findings, which, due to the 'successful efforts' of lobby groupings, are not in the textbooks and conventional textbooks and are therefore unknown in doctors' offices and clinics!

Our stated goal is to inform as many people as possible about these reputable, efficient, safe and cost-effective methods of prevention and alternative forms of treatment in the fastest way and to grow as a company together with our sales partners (affiliates)!


The return of the people to the healing powers of nature has long since begun, progressing inexorably with quick steps - do not miss this moment, support us and be part of it...!