Our way to the goal - network Affiliate Partner Program

Only the efficiency of our partner programme, which results directly from the success of our partners, ensures the fastest possible dissemination of our important, educational products. So our way to our goal might be unorthodox, but honest, direct and unerring, just like the books we market...!


Due to the urgency of disseminating this information, which benefits needy (ill) people, EVERY method that is a) legal b) fair for each affiliate, easy to understand and easy to implement and c) achieves the fastest distribution (sales) of our products through the Affiliate Programme, which works like no other, is good for us! 



In practice:  MLM - the most successful sales method in the world!

In addition to the Partner Programme's conventional option of securing a whopping 40% for every sale of our books ('Active book Affiliate'), we offer a truly unique opportunity to everyone who recognises real opportunities and who enjoys treading new paths in an unprejudiced way, namely a multi-tiered affiliate programme, the MLM Affiliate, which offers a total of up to 76% for sale over up to 9 levels.

While 76% may sound very high for most affiliates, the real attraction is not just the 36% increase on the 40% per sale that we have in the 'Active book Affiliate' option, but solely in the incredible MERIT DYNAMICS that result from selling within a fully automated, proprietary network that we make available to each affiliate with the 'MLM-Affiliate' option!


IN SHORT : Fully automated recommendation marketing results in the duplication of your sales partners (sub-affiliates) in your own network, all of whom duplicate YOUR personal commission through their sales via the mathematical exponential function... MLM, the BUSINESS WITH DUPLICATION! 


If MLM is so successful, why doesn't EVERY affiliate do it?


'In a word: INCOMPREHENSION! The majority of the population do not understand network marketing (MLM) and do not see the potential. Too few people have seriously and competently considered it so far!'                                                                  


(Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)


                                A fateful connection...

Similar to the highly effective naturopathy of our products, MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), has been fighting for years for official recognition as the most effective distribution system worldwide!

A milestone in the right direction for the establishment of the MLM in business was achieved with the Chair of Network Marketing at the University of Applied Sciences Worms, under the direction of Prof. Dr. Zacharias - due to the simple fact that it is the most dynamic, legal form of distribution in the world, which even gives a diligent person from the lowest social class and an average level of education a real chance to earn a lot of money in a relatively short time (MLM companies such as Herbalife traditionally make people sales millionaires annually - ordinary people, like you and me...), it is a fact which goes against the grain set by the decision-makers in politics and the economy - BECAUSE:


Money is a means of control - money means power, and neither control nor power is gladly given to the man off the street!


Just to appreciate the scale: Dexter and Birdie Yager, working for the MLM company 'Amway', are among the highest-paid networkers in the world, earning an incredible $295,000,000 (in words: 295 million dollars!). Max Schwarz, the most successful German networker, has recorded a total income of 90,000,000 dollars so far...!


In this context, it is unbelievable how many reputable companies are embracing the MLM system without calling a spade a spade out of concern for consumer ignorance, as well as media rejection and prejudice. (For example, if you take part in the Friends&Family programme as a professional seller and recruit other resellers, you are already pursing Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) - just one example among thousands!

This brings up a comparison to the synthetic drugs that the pharmaceutical industry often beefs up with vitamins, in order to increase the effect or to achieve any effect at all...! Unfortunately, this does not help to establish honest MLM on a large scale and to enlighten those who are prone to prejudice...


Business with the truth 


Far from any conspiracy theories, if we want to call it that, we deal in 'business with the truth' and as with our honest, enlightening products, we speak in PLAIN LANGUAGE!

After all, it is in our own interest to provide our Affiliate Partners with the BEST marketing tool that exists - and to fully comply with local legal requirements here as a German-based company!  

Paradoxically, the media (unconsciously, or intentionally?) - as the Number One opinion leader of the people - did not consider it necessary to convey a precise differentiation between prohibited pyramid schemes (in these, the product is not an essential feature, but the recruitment of other marketing partners in the network is rewarded!) and the established and legal Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), which has been used very successfully by established large companies such as Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, Mary Kay or Vorwerk - for decades in some cases.

In exactly the same style of propagandistic, unprofessional reporting on the oh-so-useless and harmful vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and beneficial natural remedies, the media has given MLM a negative image and the majority of the people (how could it be otherwise) have swallowed it whole...!!!

Here, we operate a BUSINESS WITH TRUTH, and do you know something...?:

Bitter  apricot kernels  are not harmful and are among the most effective anti-cancer agents, selenium significantly extends life, glucosamine is one of the most effective anti-osteoarthritis remedies, strophanthin is a blessing for all heart disease... AND: 


    MLM is legal and more successful than ANY distribution system in the world!




Similar to the bestselling novel by Lothar Hirneise 'Chemotherapy Cures Cancer - and the Earth is a Disk', one could write the title 'MLM is Forbidden, Unfair and Ineffective - and the Decision Makers in Politics and Business Want You to Become Wealthy, Too ..!' - both work for a select readership that does not believe in storks delivering babies or Santa Claus!                                            

In short: We should not, to the greatest extent possible, be tampered with in terms of health and money-making by influential groups that have no health or wealth to offer us - both of which are absolutely contrary to their own prosperity!  



                  Mathematics cannot be bent or banned!  

Nothing is eaten as hot as it is cooked - so let's take a look at the matter soberly, without holding any grudge on the one hand or bloated euphoria of individual networkers who overshoot the target on the other:

Just as gravity or physical leverage cannot be denied or even made illegal, the biggest critics and opponents of Multi-Level marketing (MLM) can turn themselves upside down and will not be able to smear the mathematical exponential function which builds the MLM system! It is the exact function from which a perfectly legitimate duplication of distribution partners in your own network and the resulting duplication of your commission payments occurs within the MLM business model like ours!

MLM is and remains UNBEATABLE among all marketing methods worldwide and (with a few exceptions in the form of black sheep), it is LEGAL! 

This is as clear as the water in the crevasse of Mount Everest and as understandable as the effects of vitamin C, OPC, strophanthin, colloidal silver, laetrile, Q10 and others in the prevention and treatment of respective diseases...! And it does not change anything if people use any means necessary to silence someone like Dr. Rath or Prof. Linus Pauling as a luminary of alternative medicine, courageously sounding for the truth, or denigrate someone like Prof. Zacharias as a networking expert, BECAUSE:


A simple mathematical function (in the case of MLM, the exponential function) can neither be deleted retrospectively, nor can its correct, legally compliant application in the business field be prohibited - end of story! 


We have eliminated the first two of the three classic prejudices against Multi-Level marketing (MLM): alleged 'illegality' and 'inefficiency'. What else is left? Exactly: the 'unjust pyramid system' where people only earn good money at the top!

Get this out of your head quickly: we take fairness seriously, and all commissions are therefore expressly NOT at the expense of other partners, but are distributed in all network levels additionally by us (at our own expense)!

By the way, for those who read the daily newspapers only for the purpose of self-improvement and do not let themselves be blinded by the mocking of failed, former networkers on the Internet (who did not take the job seriously enough or who have never really understood MLM) - for example, what does the business magazine 'FORBES' say about MLM? After all, it is the world's most renowned business magazine...!: 



 'Most people have heard the term MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and usually at the end of that the word, 'scheme' is added – giving the whole business model a bad name. Well…let’s change your negative perception and tell you how your Great Aunt Joan actually earned that pink Cadillac from Mary Kay! It’s brilliant really…"    



 'So, the next time you meet someone who runs a 'home business' or 'MLM' give them a high five for taking their career and life into their own hands and becoming an entrepreneur!'


Exactly, do not be fooled by unqualified statements in the tabloid press, at the bar and in third-rate forums and change your negative attitude to MLM, because (when properly executed), it is 'really BRILLANT'...!!!


In direct comparison to conventional one-dimensional affiliate partner programmes, the MLM Affiliate Partner Programme offers a multidimensional affiliate partner programme for distributors (affiliates) in their own network (with sub-affiliates) that we deliver to you, over several levels to the maximum achievable profits! 

Reason enough for us to offer you this option (in addition to the conventional 'Active book Affiliate' version)! A well-known marketing rule that applies to the affiliate business more than anything else is: 'It's not the big ones who eat the little ones, but the faster ones that eat the slower ones!'




Detailed information on our 'MLM Affiliate' option, showing how you can build your own network completely on your own with our innovative 'No Door-To-Door' feature and the earning opportunities you can gain access to through our multidimensional affiliate programme (up to 76% over 9 levels), but you can also learn more about the conventional variant ('active book affiliate') at COMMISSIONS!