What do we sell?

The world is in increasing turmoil due to alarming scandals involving governments and big industry. People are finally waking up, and revelatory books are currently conquering the book market in the same way that no other book genre has ever done before...


While it may be of interest to some readers to learn how the German Chancellor's cellphone has been intercepted for years by US intelligence services, or to read specific revelations about long-suspected corruption in top-level football, this is about those facts which directly affect our personal existence, which concern EVERY one of us:


Sensational medical research results that are so breathtakingly revolutionary that they are strictly kept under lock and key by governments and big industry, and everything is done to prevent them from leaking to the people!


The company Vitaminum ProLife has specialised in researching and uncovering spectacularly useful studies3 and therapy concepts, which are, unfortunately, usually kept from conventional medicine and the public as they under the control of possible lobby groups (and have been concealed, sabotaged and denounced accordingly). These therapy concepts are part of the world of 'alternative medicine'.




Medical insider knowledge - competently researched and effective!

On the basis of our elaborately researched and highly verifiable INSIDER information (with the name of the source and the opinion of named experts always included!), we create and distribute unique and reputable books and ebooks for the prevention and treatment of the most common illnesses in our 'MEDICAL SCANDALS' book series as well as slowing down ageing and physiological rejuvenation. 





Closing the gap in the growth market with serious, unique information

Far from conspiracy theories, our offer exclusively caters for an unbridled demand for uncensored, medical insider knowledge, filling a whole market gap within a hugely expanding growth segment, without any competitors.


With the largest medical treatises on the state of health in German-speaking countries and other parts of the world that we distribute via our shop on
www.vitaminum.com, we address the huge target group of health-conscious people (prevention), patients (therapy), as well as doctors and therapists who want to expand their knowledge beyond the boundaries of traditional medicine ..!