GTCs of the affiliate program


Last revised: 23.11.2018

Conditions for participation in the Vitaminum ProLife affiliate program

Section 1 Subject of the Contract

1.    The subject of this contract is the participation in the internet partner programme of Vitaminum Prolife e.Kfm., Hohler Weg 26, D-32760 Detmold, hereinafter referred to as "Vitaminum ProLife". The partner programme provides for the commercial placement of electronic advertising (e.g. banners, text links, etc.) on an online advertising medium of the affiliate partner against the payment of commission.

2.    As part of his or her advertising activities, the partner shall receive a non-exclusive and non-transferrable right to access the Vitaminum ProLife advertising materials and incorporate them in his or her advertising platform.

Section 2 Commission Payments

1.    Commission payments are provided in accordance with the current commission model on the website:

2.    The commission model is based on a performance-related advertising fee, and the commission claim shall arise after the successful procurement of a regular sale by the advertising affiliate ("active Book affiliate" model, see Section 2(1)) or by the partners recruited by the affiliate across up to 8 downlines ("passive Book affiliate" or "MLM Affiliate" model, see Section 2(1))

3.    Vitaminum ProLife can stipulate an increase in the commission payments with effect from the following day in writing at any time. Vitaminum ProLife can stipulate a decrease in the commission payments at any time with a period of notice of 14 days.

4.    Commission shall not be paid for products purchased by the partner on his or her own advertising space for his or her own use, for private purposes or for resale.

5.    Advancement to the next commission level ("MLM Affiliate" model, see Section 2(1)) as a result of purchases made by the partner on the advertising space of the partner is also not possible.

6.    A claim for the payment of commission shall not be provided for a procured sale which was cancelled by purchaser.

7.    Generated sales shall be checked for receipt of payment for 60 days. If no money is received during this validation period, the commission for this sale shall be refused.

Section 3 General Obligations of the Affiliate Partner

1.    The partner may not change the advertising materials made available by Vitaminum ProLife or use other advertising materials (apart from text links).

2.    Vitaminum ProLife may not be promoted via a non-disclosed domain or in add-ons, layers or iFrames. Exceptions must be agreed upon with Vitaminum ProLife.

3.    The visible use of the respective advertising material is a prerequisite for the generation of a Vitaminum ProLife cookie. Invisible integration of the sales pages of Vitaminum ProLife with the aim of generating a cookie is therefore prohibited.

4.    The partner may not set up his or her advertising pages in a way which could cause visual confusion with the websites of Vitaminum ProLife, thereby arousing the impression of being directly on the websites of Vitaminum ProLife.

5.    The use of Postview (techniques) is prohibited.

6.    Promotion of the partner programme with traffic purchased from Paid4, eBesucher or similar services is prohibited and results in exclusion from the partner programme.

Section 4 Email / Keyword Advertising

1.    If emails are sent for advertising purposes, this may only be implemented with the prior agreement of the email recipient.

2.    The partner may not use brand bidding associated with search engine advertising. Any other keyword advertising measures must be agreed upon beforehand with Vitaminum ProLife.

Section 5 Ethics & Moral Standards

The partner may not associate the company name, logos and products of Vitaminum ProLife with content that

  • includes illegal content
  • shows violence
  • disseminates sexually explicit content
  • includes discriminatory content (gender, race, age, religion, disability, nationality, sexual orientation)
  • infringes copyright
  • or injures the rights of third parties in any other way

Section 6 Contractual Penalty

Wilful breach of the above Sections 2-5 entitles Vitaminum ProLife to terminate the contract with the partner without notice and with immediate effect and to cancel all open transactions.

Section 7 Term of the Contract/Termination

1.    This contract is entered into for an indefinite period and can be terminated at any time.

2.    After termination of the partnership agreed upon in the contract, the partner undertakes to remove all advertising materials and links to Vitaminum ProLife from his or her internet pages without delay.

3.    Without prejudice to any other legal consequences, Vitaminum ProLife is entitled to exclude the partner from the partner programme with immediate effect and/or to withhold any payment if the partner contravenes the agreements concluded in this contract.


Section 8 Legal Venue




Detmold is agreed upon as the legal venue.