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Active Book Affiliate =
40% per sale

You actively sell our books and eBooks and receive a commission of 40% on each product sold

(for affiliates who prefer the classic affiliate program form!)

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Passive Book Affiliate
 = A total of up to 17% of the sales of the recruited partners over 4 levels 

You do not sell any books or eBooks yourself but recruit other partners (automated process!) who then sell our products. You will now receive 8% from each book and eBook sold by the partner you recruited (1st level).

If the latter recruits further partners, you will receive 4% of these sales (2nd level), an additional 3% if these partners also recruit further partners (3rd level) and finally 2% of sales if these partners recruit further partners (4th level). This is a highly dynamic and worthwhile business according to the principle of duplication as a result of the strong branching of the partners (your sub-affiliates) in the lower levels! 

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MLM Affiliate ("The business with duplication" – the most lucrative variant!)

Combination of Option 1 and Option 2
= 40% for your own sales + up to 36% of the sales of the recruited partners over 9 levels

You actively sell our books and eBooks and receive a commission of 40% per sale (Option 1). You also recruit further partners for the Vitaminum partner programme (Option 2). Depending on how many books and eBooks you sell yourself, we will reward you with up to 36% of the sales of the recruited partners (your sub-affiliates) over up to 9 levels – in a highly dynamic manner through the DUPLICATION BUSINESS in your own network..! 

 "MLM (Multi-Level Marketing)...let’s change your negative perception...It’s brilliant really…"                                              (Forbes, world's leading business magazine) 


 ATTENTION: The recruitment of new partners works completely automatically with the aid of our innovative No-Door-To-Door-Features both for "passive Book affiliate" (Option 2) and "MLM Affiliate"!!!

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Commission payments for hardback books 

Hardback books (also referred to as hardcover) have also been on sale in the Vitaminum Prolife Shop for some time now. The payments here correspond to the amount of commission and conditions for an eBook sale (see above). The higher production costs are the reason for this.


In this respect, the affiliate receives the following fixed remuneration:


Book/eBook:          Commission:
Codex Humanus 19,16 Euro (40% of 47,89 Euro*)



*corresponds to the net sales price of the respective eBook





Further information on the affiliate models


All the information on Option 1 – Active Book Affiliate:

Register with our partner programme and promote our products. As soon as an Book / ebook is sold through your advertising, we will pay you 40% of the total revenue of the net price. 


EXAMPLE: Our bestseller "Codex Humanus" costs the customer 57 euro *=> you receive a generous commission of

             € 19.16 for a successfully procured sale after VAT has been deducted! 

 *corresponds to the net sales price of the respective eBook


Incidentally, sales processing takes place in a shop which automatically suggests other thematically relevant books to the customer. This frequently results in an above-average number of multi-buy purchases – all of which we pay you for!




Participation as an "Active Book Affiliate" is very simple: you first have to register with our partner programme and then add the promotional material from the "CODEX HUMANUS"-Book campaign to your website or blog!


To start a new registration for this option of the partner programme, please click =>  REGISTER NOW!


All the information on Option 2 – Passive Book Affiliate:

If you do not wish to sell our Books or eBooks yourself, you can nevertheless make money with this option by recruiting further partners (sub-affiliates) for our partner programme.

Here it does not matter whether you know these people in person or whether you add our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising to your website, in order to enable you to recruit further partners completely automatically and passively via our “No-Door-To-Door” feature!

As soon as the partner you recruited sells a product, you will receive a share in the sale of 8% of the revenue (Level 1)

If the partner you recruited recruits new partners, you will also profit with 4% of the sales of these partners (Level 2)

But that's not all! If these partners recruit further partners, you will also profit with 3% of the sales of these partners (Level 3)


If these partners recruit further partners, you will also receive a direct share of 2% of their sales! (Level 4) : 




This is a highly dynamic income opportunity as a result of the generous commission in the first levels and strong branching of the sales partners in your network in the lower levels!





Participation as a "Passive Book Affiliate" is simplicity itself: you first have to register with our partner programme and then add the promotional material from the "Partner-recruits-Partner" campaign to your website or blog!




To start a new registration for this option of the partner programme, please click =>  REGISTER NOW !


Alle the information on MLM - Affiliate

The business with duplication – the principle of success of Facebook, et 


The most lucrative variant by far is the combination of the option "active Book affiliate" and "passive Book affiliate" based on a network.         

For all those who recognise opportunities and like to break new ground with an open mind, we offer this multi-level network partner programme as a special scheme which provides you with a total of 76% commission over 9 levels in the form of the so-called "MLM Affiliate" according to the success principles of Facebook, Google, eBay, etc.! 


But if MLM is so successful, why doesn't

EVERY affiliate do it?


"In a word: INCOMPREHENSION! The majority of the population do not understand network marketing (MLM) and do not see the potential. Too few people have seriously and competently considered it so far!"                                                                  (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)


Commission of 76% may sound high, who would deny it... but what makes this variant so lucrative is not the 36% premium for the option above ("active Book affiliate") but purely and simply the incredible INCOME DYNAMIC resulting from your own network of sales partners which we make exclusively available to each individual affiliate with this option!




                                                                                                                                                                                                                The principle of success of Facebook & Co. makes the difference!                                                                                                                                         

Have you ever seriously considered how the penniless young  Mark Zuckerberg was able to succeed in seeing his social network portal "Facebook" go through the roof in a just few years from 0 to an incredible 1.32 billion users?  You will know the answer after you have seen the film of this success story...

The answer is surprisingly simple: RECOMMENDATION MARKETING!

Before the first capital had flowed into the company (investor: Peter Thiel, amount: 500,000 dollars, share of the company 10.2%), 10 students at US universities recommended Facebook to 10 student friends, and they recommended Facebook by email to another 10 students, these recommended Facebook to 10 more students and these to 10 more students in turn.

The calculation was as follows: 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10,000 members, and this was in the first semester! The rest was history as they say, a success story which is unparalleled...


Facebook, and all the other successful portals such as Twitter, Google or eBay, were only able to expand an enormous amount from a start-up in a very short time due to the fact that they were recommended by friends to friends and friends of friends! In this respect, the founders consciously or unconsciously used the exponential function (considered strictly in mathematical terms) which does nothing more than:  DUPLICATE!  

The complete meteoric rise of Facebook, Twitter, Google, eBay, etc. is based on this RECOMMENDATION MARKETING which led to the duplication of their users/members on the basis of the exponential function and offered the best conditions for venture capital (VC) worth millions of dollars! 

The principle of the duplication of users was therefore the basis for the subsequent development of these companies into what they are today..! 


Incidentally, the massive BUSINESS WITH DUPLICATION, on the basis of recommendation marketing, became acceptable to webmasters with the introduction of the Facebook Like Button. This is because, without calling a spade a spade, millions of webmasters, and probably you as well, already run a business with duplication day in, day out by installing a Facebook Like Button on their commercial website as a matter of course and liking themselves first of all "to start the ball rolling"!

Why would they do such a strange thing? It's obvious: to initiate the business with duplication via recommendation marketing

So you have 30, 50 or 100 friends on your Facebook friends list, and you know that they also have a similar number of friends on their friends list, and their friends also have lots of friends on their lists...

If I provide my commercial website with a Like Button and like it, I speculate that my friends will do the same, their friends will also like me, etc...


Every one of these friends and friends of friends are real "DUPLICATORS", because if..: 

                    ... 50 of my friends click my Like Button (Level 1),

                               ....50 of their friends click it (Level 2) and

                                       .....50 of their friends also like it (Level 3),  

            my website has the attention of 50x50x50 = 125,000 potential customers..!


A snowballing dynamic comes into being over several levels which attracts lots of visitors to my website and should keep the tills ringing... 

The usual term for this is "Social Media Marketing", because duplication takes place in the Intranet of social networks. But if you ask about the "How?" and not about the "Where?", the correct term is in principle "Multi-Level Marketing", or "MLM" for short, because duplication always takes place over several levels!


With our MLM Affiliate option, we provide you with your own network and embrace the very principle which has made Facebook and co. (as a non-MLM company) a successful start-up but has also allowed conventional MLM companies, such as Mary Kay, Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife or Vorwerk, to generate annual sales worth billions in the old economy for years now:        

                                           The business with duplication!                                                                                                                     

What is the difference from the recommendation marketing used in Social Media Marketing?:

Via Social Media Marketing, you recruit countless numbers of potential BUYERS on the Intranet (e.g. in Facebook) over several levels in a "Social Network". 

Whereas you recruit countless numbers of potential SELLERS on the INTERNET as sales partners (sub-affiliates) for your own network with our MLM Affiliate partner programme. This means you have a vast number of DUPLICATORS to close countless product sales for you and also recruit additional sellers for your network..!!!  





Our "No-Door-To-Door" feature – the turbocharger with an automatic gearbox!  

No worries, we do not assume that you are the personal friend of 100 webmasters "to start the ball rolling", along the lines of the Like Button model of Facebook, or generally want to hawk business ideas, in order to painstakingly build up your own network of sales partners... 

We have completely automated our multi-level recommendation marketing for you, in order to exploit the incredible dynamic of the Internet at all marketing levels in the best way possible and to make it easy for you to build up your own lucrative network of sales partners! 

Our "No-Door-To-Door" feature exclusively enables you to recruit countless external webmasters completely automatically (passively for you!) for our partner programme or to recommend our partner programme. You only have to include our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising and a corresponding text link on your website. As a result, all the sales from your partners will also be automatically allocated to you over up to 9 lower levels via the usual cookie tracking!

NEEDLESS TO SAY, we will also enable you to actively recruit other webmasters as partners yourself!



In a nutshell, the "MLM Affiliate" option can be described as follows:                                                                                                                                                                                            Completely automated recommendation marketing results in the duplication of your sales partners in your own network, all of whom duplicate YOUR personal commission through their sales via the mathematical exponential function..!    


This can be summed up in concrete terms:

1) You make money on your own sales (40% per sale!) 

2) You make money on ALL sales made by the partners recruited via your website (Level 1)

3) You make money on ALL sales of the partners recruited via the website of the partners you recruited (Level 2)


4) You make money on ALL sales of the partners recruited via the partners of the partners you recruited (Level 3)

5) On ALL sales of the partners recruited via these partners (Level 4).


6) LAST BUT NOT LEAST, you make money on ALL sales of the partners of partners over an incredible 9 levels, depending on the number of Book purchases they procure! 

A high income dynamic comes into being through the strong branching of your network partners (sub-affiliates), especially in the lower levels. In this way,
you duplicate your commission payments – and all this is completely passive for you! 

        Refer to the following network diagram, the orange dots symbolise your network partners                                         if each of your partners only recruits 2 more partners!                                                               

                        (restricted to only 4 of the 9 remunerated levels/downlines for illustration purposes):  



Breakdown of the commission payments

You always receive a commission of 40% per sale for your own sales.

As an MLM Affiliate, you will share in the sales of your partners in your network (level 1 to 9) depending on the number of the books they sell per month. You can be sure of adding another 17% to 36% to your 40% here.

The following table shows the number of Books which you have sell in a month, in order to receive the respective percentages of the sales of your partners! (refers exclusively to the MLM Affiliate!) 



*plus the 40% per sale from your own sales! 


You can check the details of how this proceeds in practice and how your own network and your income can develop from this option => HERE





NOTE: Commission payments are expressly NOT at the expense of other partners but are paid by us IN ADDITION in all network levels (at our expense)!


ATTENTION: You also have a share of 40% in the self-purchases of your network partners – including the purchases the partner makes with our self-purchase discount coupon code!  Your sub-affiliate thereby receives 25% discount and you receive 40% commission for their purchase!


Are you already working as a NETWORKER for another company? We will give you the opportunity to create a second source of income in no time! Since our books and eBooks do not compete with food supplements, wellness products, diet products, fitness and cosmetics but even synergetically complement them, you can import your existing downline without any problems and immediately get started with full power..! 





Participation as an "MLM Affiliate" is simplicity itself: you first have to register with our partner programme and then add the promotional material from the "Partner-recruits-Partner" campaign together with the promotional materials for the books from the "MEDICAL SCANDALS Book series" campaign to your website or blog!




 "Most people have heard the term MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and usually at the end of that the word, “scheme” is added – giving the whole business model a bad name. Well…let’s change your negative perception and tell you how your Great Aunt Joan, actually earned that pink Cadillac from Mary Kay! It’s brilliant really…"         (Forbes, world's leading business magazine)



To start a new registration for this option of the partner programme, please click =>  Register now!