Break away from search engine dependency!


Search engine algorithm updates should not interest you!

Search engines are updated more frequently with ever more far-reaching results…

If you consider the development of the major search engine services more closely, it becomes clear that manipulative SEO activities are in the process of developing into an antiquated model from a time when the algorithms were incomplete, did not carry out any real personal checks and man competed against robot in the struggle for the top search engine positions..! 

As is generally known, this era is now behind us and to continue to attempt to manipulate the guidelines of the search engine providers is playing with fire – and it is not all that difficult to recklessly burn down your domain in the proverbial sense which you have painstakingly built up over many years!

It should be clear to every experienced webmaster since the last search engine updates that the search engine operators have finally had their fill of this "game of cat and mouse " after many years and taken the gloves off – in particular, it should be clear that it is no longer enough nowadays to only exercise caution in various SEO activities.

In fact, the clever webmaster takes timely precautions, in order to get away from complete dependency on search engines instead of trying to manipulate them and having to fear for his or her existence with each additional algorithm update…!



Or to be honest and put it in a nutshell:

If you wish to sell successfully on the Internet in the long term, the best thing is to HAVE NO INTEREST IN search engine algorithm updates in future…!

Our partner programme ensures that this is the case…! 



Our partner programme will also enable you to sleep soundly tomorrow!

If you wish to sleep soundly again without having to worry about your business hitting rock bottom overnight as a result of a search engine update?

As is well known, you should never base your financial viability on a single source of revenue because this is inherently unstable! And the truth of the matter is that all webmasters who currently put their faith exclusively in search engines and allow themselves to be fooled by manipulative SEO actions should only be referred to as "independent entrepreneurs" to a limited extent, because they are directly dependent on the activities of the search engine companies!  A pseudo-independence which entails incalculable risks…

While the product providers (merchants) largely make themselves independent of search engines through partner programmes, the majority of publishers (affiliates) are often only left with search engines, on which their financial success ultimately depends! 

Put an end to this! Free yourself from all search engines now and in the future and minimize your risk by distributing your business model over countless different sources of income (= websites of your
sales partners) by means of the "MLM affiliate" or "passive eBook-affiliate" option in the Vitaminum ProLife partner program..!