The "Business with duplication"  - Old Economy as a pioneer

The above-mentioned network principle therefore not only cracks the "Trilemma of eCommerce" but also enables what is referred to as: 

"The business with duplication!"


What are we talking about in concrete terms? Long before the Internet was invented, before Facebook, Twitter and the rest saw the light of day and the term "Social Media Marketing" had not become commonplace amongst webmasters, successful companies in the old Economy practiced this principle of networking – with incredible success…!

The basic principle is here very logical:
if several people follow the same goal (in this case, procurement of purchases to receive commission payments), it makes a great deal more sense to work together and join forces instead of competing against each other!

In this respect, the premise is always:


"To combine your marketing strengths with a
duplication effect – while simultaneously conserving your own resources!


In all honesty, wouldn't you also like to…:


·       receive active support in your advertising activities and conserve your technical and personal resources in the process…?


·       delegate the work to others and generate significantly more revenue in your own network completely passively with the websites of third-party webmasters…?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

·       AND: literally duplicate your commission via the simple mathematical exponential function..?

… without actively needing to do anything for it…?‼!!


"Instead of generating 100% on my own, I would prefer it if 100 people each generated 1% for me..!"  (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)




Too good to be true? The biggest sceptics can find out for themselves in the following that it actually functions precisely in this manner!




Network Affiliate Partner programme – The NEXT GENERATION partner programme!

A passive income with genuine DUPLICATION and our tried-and-tested "No-Door-To-Door" feature!

Network marketing is a business of the future"

Prof. Dr. Michael Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing

There can be no doubt that the modern, multi-level sales system (Multi-Level Marketing, "MLM" for short) has long since come of age and represents a completely legal (not to be confused with prohibited snowball systems..!) and established sales channel used by a large number of prominent major corporations, and is one of the most dynamic selling methods.

Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife, Mary Kay 
or  Vorwerk…, to name just a few well-known companies which are based on precisely this sound network principle and generate billions in sales every year!**13

Multilevel Marketing (MLM) is practised by a large number of companies under a large number of synonyms, and you have also probably already participated in MLM Business, conscious or unconsciously. 
According to the Direct Marketing Association, 76 million people are currently active in the network sector and 140,000 newcomers are added each week...

Old Economy meets New Economy – a highly explosive power cocktail!

Irrespective of whether it concerns the Old Economy or the New Economy, the fact of the matter is that the economy is subject to fixed general laws! As is generally known, ignorance of this iron premise was dearly paid for by the bursting of the "dotcom bubble" at the beginning of the year 2000… 

And so not everything is automatically antiquated just because it stems from the Old Economy, quite the opposite:

The basics are the same, and you can learn a great deal from them!

As everybody knows, progress cannot be stopped, and it was therefore only a matter of time before the
mathematical exponential function, which the entire Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) concept is based on and which produces a hitherto unprecedented INCOME DYNAMIC, was also looked for in exponentially dynamic eCommerce – a highly explosive POWER MIX!

Somebody eventually came up with the brilliant idea of amalgamating the
MLM principle of the Old Economy with the conventional affiliate partner programme in the Internet – DYNAMITE combined with NITROGLYCERIN…:





The normal one-dimensional affiliate partner programme became an extremely dynamic multi-dimensional affiliate partner programme!

A power idea which gave birth to our 
MLM affiliate partner programme (multiple-tier affiliate programme)..!






What makes this "ominous" network principle of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) unique…?

In a nutshell, the answer is:

As a result of its duplicating nature based on a simple mathematical exponential function (explanation = HERE), no other marketing method and no other system in the world permits faster growth and higher yields for the affiliates than Network Marketing over several levels. It is also referred to as "MLM affiliate partner programme"!

The commission of the MLM affiliate is automatically duplicated through the duplication of his/her advertising sales partners in their network. This highly dynamic and independent mechanism extending over several levels calls a MONEY PRINTING PRESS to mind – and our innovative "No-Door-To-Door" feature ensures that this process proceeds completely automatically (automated by us, so it is completely passive for you)!



You will find out about the incredible income dynamic which results from this HERE.


   NOTE: The duplication of your commission is always preceded by the duplication of the sales partners

in your network. This is built up completely independently in our partner programme with our "No-Door-To-Door" feature! 




 "Most people have heard the term MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) and usually at the end of that the word, “scheme” is added – giving the whole business model a bad name. Well…let’s change your negative perception and tell you how your Great Aunt Joan, actually earned that pink Cadillac from Mary Kay! It’s brilliant really…"         (Forbes,)