Forget the Health Claims Ordinance


Consumer interest in alternative prevention and treatment programmes has never been higher..!

In parallel to the regulation of the sale of food supplements, vitamins and natural remedies by EU provisions such as the  "Health Claims Regulation" EC no. 1924/2006, the interest of the population in precisely these remedies is irrepressible and growing phenomenally – but their uses, and here comes the crunch, can no longer be communicated to the customers by the distributors in due form under the measures laid down in various regulations and the growing number of new legal obstacles. In addition to this, few positive developments can be expected from the upcoming Transatlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA for short) in this regard..! 

The classic question is: "How do I sell bitter tasting glucosamine if I cannot explain to the prospective customer how it acts and what it is effective against..?!"



Stay in a dead end or choose a new direction …? -  -

You decide!

This means deciding whether to be annoyed about circumstances which you can no longer change (all petitions have unfortunately been ineffective..), or to put your faith in business alternatives with a prospect of success and continue to make an important contribution to the health of the population in a market niche with an extremely popular product range and a very lucrative approach without having to compromise your individual ideology, especially for the large number of distributors of food supplements and vitamins whose marketing strategies are gradually being wrecked by systematic regulation from "above"..!



Codex Humanus vs Codex Alimentarius


It is no accident that the name of our main product and bestseller "Codex HumanusThe Book of Humanity" is similar to the name of the set of food standards which, according to many observers, is making efforts to give even more power to the large corporations and to gradually bring the sale of natural remedies and food supplements which have potential healing power under regulation for the purposes of the mighty pharmaceutical industry..!

Disentangle yourself from all the repressive measures of government institutions and EU organisations today instead of gradually purging your website of the valuable product information which you have laboriously compiled over the years and changing your complete business strategy, so that you can market your products blandly and sluggishly but legally. Many observers believe that the aim is to completely restrict your sales activities in the short or long term, so make a successful start in
selling “Codex Humanus” and the other INSIDER eBooks from our "MEDICAL SCANDALS" book series, which are not influenced by the pharmaceutical industry..!



Cross-selling through product synergy


As an alternative, use your existing customer base and complement the sale of your vitamins and food supplements with our eBooks, which offer an interesting synergy ("cross-selling"!). 

Increase the loyalty of your customers to your products by giving them detailed information on what the products are useful for – they will appreciate it and become regular customers…