"Being in a network" was yesterday – "having a network" is the future of eCommerce!

So your own network is required to break the described “triangular dilemma of eCommerce”!

Only in a network with other webmasters, who make their technical and personal resources available to you for your profit, can you the escape the trilemma once and for all and generate commission without any stress, which others only dream about!



Turn competitors into cooperative partners!

Instead of being annoyed that more and more healthcare sites, supplement shops or bookshops are being created on the Internet and are competing with you, get them on board! Write to or call the competitors and tell them about our partner programme. 

You earn hard cash with every sale they procure! 

Setting up your own network – how does that work?

In contrast to the conventional one-dimensional affiliate partner programme, in which you as an affiliate are only part of the network of the programme operator, the situation is quite different with our multidimensional, i.e. multi-level, affiliate partner programme (MLM affiliate partner programme), which we would like to present to you here with our "MLM Affiliate" option!

To begin with, this offers you all the advantages of the conventional affiliate partner programme without any of the disadvantages. 

However, the "highlight", which reveals itself as 
an incredible INCOME LEVER, is that we ALSO offer you the option of using our network feature to create your own network of sales partners by building up a large number of your own sub-affiliate sales teams with up to 9 downlines – this takes place completely automatically with our "No Door-To-Door” feature! 


"Instead of generating 100% on my own, I would prefer it if 100 people each generated 1% for me..!"  (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)

This provides other webmasters who sell for you and thereby  duplicate your commission payments without you having to contribute anything! In concrete terms, we enable you as an affiliate partner recruit further partners (completely automatically with our "No-Door-to-Door" feature!) and also have a share in their sales.

Therefore, we not only reward the procurement of product purchases but also the recommendation of our partner programme! 


As a result, you are guaranteed commission payments over up to 9 levels and make money as long as you or...

                                                                                 your partners (Level 1),

                                                                    their partners (Level 2),                                                                        

                                                                 their partners (Level 3), etc. up to Level 9                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
procure sales!


Are you promoting or duplicating…?!




A high income dynamic comes into being through the strong branching of your partners, especially in the lower levels. You will find out how dynamically such a network of your own can generate commission payments for you HERE.



Our “No Door-To-Door” feature – the turbocharger with an automatic gearbox!

We have developed our “No-Door-to-Door” feature, in order to derive the greatest possible benefit from the truly incredible dynamic of the Internet and enable the maximum growth of your network and therefore your commission !

Your network is built up COMPLETELY INDEPENDENTLY with our “No-Door-To-Door” feature!

You don't have to actively recruit anybody! On acceptance of our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising , your network partners, whose sales you will actively share in, are identified via cookie and are automatically assigned under you in YOUR network!

You will actively make money on each individual sale made by your network partners over 9 downlines from then on


NOTE: It goes without saying that you can also use our partner programme in the conventional sense; you will find out more about this HERE.