Incompatibility between your website contents and our products?


No problem!

And even if you operate a
website or a blog which simply does not fit in with our products, you can take advantage of your obligatory partner programme link and promote our partner programme – without having to promote our products!

Yes, you read that correctly. We not only reward the recommendation of our products but also the recommendation of our partner programme!

We therefore also enable you to promote our PARTNER PROGRAMME WITHOUT having to promote our products, and you can secure a passive, extremely dynamic income over 4 network levels WITHOUT having to do anything else!  This is because the
recruitment of further partners takes place completely automatically with our innovative "No-Door-to-Door" feature – as soon as a new sales partner has registered, you will be notified in your affiliate section at the same time! 

Our partner programme means that you can sit back completely relaxed and watch how your sales network grows from day to day, week to week, month after month, year after year without any action on your part, and count on dynamically increasing income, even if you do not wish to or cannot promote our products!


THE BUSINESS WITH DUPLICATION – Are you promoting or already duplicating?!


This concerns our "Passive eBook Affiliate" partner programme option – you will find more information HERE



You are automatically put in commission level 1 ("Bronze") after your registration and also make money from the sales of your sales partners who are positioned below you in large numbers across 4 downlines! You will receive 8% of the sales of your partners in the first Level, 4% in the second Level, 3% in the third Level and 2% in the fourth Level.



You will find the details of how this actually works and how much money you can make with this option HERE.