Our winning synergy

Online business is increasingly subject to faster and faster change. Whereas the Internet of the earlier years was regarded as an "El Dorado" for milksops who could write a few lines of HTML code and knew how to fool the first search engine algorithms, the winners of the future will be creative minds, trailblazers and visionaries…!


"The markets on the Internet are only centimetres wide but kilometres deep..!"

(Declan Dunn, US American online marketing consultant)

What is meant here is that online market is fairly saturated at the moment and it is becoming increasingly more difficult for affiliates to successfully make money under these circumstances!




To stand still is to lose ground


Innovative approaches open up new opportunities…! 

Therefore, nowadays it is no longer enough for the ambitious Affiliate to follow the crowd and the promote things everyone else promotes under run-of-the-mill partner programme conditions, which are mainly geared towards making the programme operator happy!

The synergy from our very popular niche products, which enjoy increasingly stronger demand without competition in a genuine growth market, scores points with the greatest of ease here in conjunction with our extremely INNOVATIVE + LUCRATIVE PARTNER PROGRAMME !





And we are talking about an enormous growth market and unrivalled products in this case. For example, just the main keys for the topics discussed in the 20 eBooks from our "medical scandals" series
 have already provided a monthly search volume in the Google Keyword Planner of more than 2.5 million! 

This concerns a B2C (Business to Consumer) and a B2B (Business to Business) market, since our target group includes not only health-conscious people (prevention), patients (cure), but also doctors and therapists! 




Our "cake-not-crumbs" principle

Conversely, it is no longer enough as a  programme provider (Merchant) to tempt with morsels and expect to mobilize a large number of motivated affiliate partners!

(apart from the phenomena which lie in wait with 5% commission, €10 ceilings and a 24h cookie lifetime..!)

In our opinion, long-term success for the programme provider
 can only result from a critical mass of satisfied affiliate partners, namely when each individual Affiliate Partner has more from each individual product sale than the programme operators themselves!

We are breaking new ground here and enable a total
commission of up to 76% with a cookie lifetime of 90 days according to the principle of duplication in the individual network!