30 points in favour of our partner programme

We offer what others do not dare to promise – your advantages at a glance: 


Passive income with new and popular niche products in a rapidly expanding growth market..!




Unique, higher priced premium products which extend across target groups and concern everyone! (Health!)




Knowledge certified by professionals (doctors, professors, researchers and scientists), underpinned with relevant studies and expert opinion reflects the integrity of our products!




Conversion rate of the products well above average !




All sales pages CR-optimised by certified professionals




A "self-owned" partner programme for each webmaster, irrespective of the content of the website or blog*




You have the option of only promoting the products, promoting the products + the partner programme or only promoting the partner programme.




We provide you with an expanding income with our reputable multi-level affiliate partner programme (optional!) + our "No-Door-to-Door" feature!




In this respect, we pay you a total commission of up to 76%on the purchases of our eBooks procured by you and your partners – Our "cake-not-crumbs principle "!




Participation in our network feature is optional.




You are ALWAYS guaranteed at least 40% commission for your directly procured purchases!




 9 Levels (downlines)!




No restriction of the downline width! (Number of sales partners below you who sell for you) – a "millipede" instead of a classic "biped"!




Our "No-Door-to-Door" feature enables you to set up your own sales structure (sales partners below you who sell for you) very dynamically and completely independently!




A simple, fair remuneration plan which is comprehensible to everyone within a few minutes without any complex matrix plans, spillover effects or similar!




The most efficient and most honest tracking system for tracking sales procured by you and your sales partners with a cookie lifetime of 90 days!




We also pay commission for any other eBooks which the customer procured by you or your partner purchases! Sales processing takes place in a shop which automatically suggests other thematically relevant books from our "MEDICAL SCANDALS" series to the customer. Apart from other marketing measures (which are all in your favour as a result of the 90 day cookie lifetime), this frequently results in an above-average number of further purchases – all of which we pay you for!




An extensive, attractive and psychologically optimised range of advertising materials guarantees an above-average Click-Through-Rate (CTR)




The same opportunities and fairness for everyone: commission payments are not at the expense of other partners but are paid by us in addition!




No starting fees, no costs, no minimum number of procured purchases!




Punctual payment of the commission on the 1st of the following month – minimum paymentglossar/ct/d/azg/ from €15!




Independence from search engine algorithms and security through a large number of sources of income in the form of a self-owned network!




Independence from restrictive regulations (Health Claims Ordinance & advertising with a promise of healing) for therapists, owners of shops for food supplements, vitamins, etc.




THE opportunity for a second source of income for networkers! Since our eBooks do not compete with food supplements, wellness products, diet products, fitness and cosmetics but even synergetically complement them, you can import your existing downline without any problems and immediately get started with full power..! 




Your own administration area: you are given access to our administration software, by means of which you can simultaneously check, control and manage your network growth and your generated commission income! 




You can quit the partner programme at any time!




Personal support by telephone and email




40% discount on the purchase of products for personal use – no conditions for participation in the partner programme!**



Personal support

A long-term partnership which is based on trust and satisfactory for both sides also requires an open minded approach to requests, criticism and suggestions, as well as a quick response! 

You can reach us by email via partner@vitaminum.de and by telephone on +49 5231/4509570 from Mon-Fri between 9.00 and 17.00 CET

* except outrageous, violent websites!
** purchase explicitly not as a condition of participation in the affiliate program linked, but the purchase can be for reasons of reasoning on your advertising pages of advantage!