The power of a self-owned partner programme


Every webmaster experienced in eCommerce is more than aware of the potential that stems from a self-owned partner programme. After all, cooperative partnerships (networks) come into being in no small part because of an external webmaster landing on your pages in search of a partner programme, in order to join your business…

But what do you do when you promote external products but do not have a self-owned partner programme to offer?

The interested visitor leaves your website and investigates the actual programme provider who profits because you have unexpectedly procured a new Affiliate Partner for him or her completely free of charge...!


It is certainly a deficiency, because a link to a partner programme in which YOU personally have a share as a webmaster commercially enhances your website to a considerable extent! 



Our partner programme is also your partner programme!

With a commission of up to 76% across 9 levels, our partner programme is quite clearly also yours. 

The generous commission payments make the Vitaminum ProLife partner programme just as much yours as ours in financial terms at least! (As is generally known, the major online bookseller offers a commission of 5-9%!)




A few pixels for substantial business success

We provide you with a large number of lucrative Partner-recruits-Partner advertising media to promote our partner programme. 

But even a small, simple, neutral sounding link with the name  "partner programme" which does not take away any of your advertising space but cannot be overlooked if correctly positioned qualifies you for participation in our MLM affiliate partner programme and can make unimagined extra income for you in the medium term – you do not even have to do anything for this! 



The path from "King" to "Emperor"


When "passive income is the King", as is frequently and rightly maintained and already 100% implemented in conventional affiliate partner programmes passive income with a self-owned network with external websites which also generate commission payments for you is without doubt the "Emperor" of all money-making methods!


So if your aim is:


  • to introduce real DYNAMISM to your online business,


  • to obtain not just one but countless power levers for an expanding income,


  • to conserve your own technical and personal resources and


  • to obtain maximum security and independence from search engines and regulations (Health Claims, etc.) at the same time,

you need a multi-dimensional, multi-level
affiliate partner programme and are therefore spot-on with our MLM affiliate partner programme!


Our partner programme is designed for webmasters who know that there is always a way forward…!