Crack the trilemma of eCommerce

your own network as a key to success!

    The secret is out. Experienced affiliates have known for a long time that the only key to real success on the Internet is “Networking!

    But why networking..?

    The answer is obvious: as an advertising webmaster you are always exposed to a classic
    trilemma in the form of precisely 3 limiting factors:


    1.    the first limiting factor with regard to advertising revenue is the limited potential to generate visitors ("traffic") to your pages!


    2.    the second limiting factor is the restricted availability of advertising space on your website or blog!


    3.    Last but not least, the third limiting factor is that your personal time and energy resources are not infinite – especially if your family and social environment are not to suffer.




The trilemma of eCommerce:



You can perform first-class SEO work, type until your fingers are raw and generate umpteen blog posts every day until the early hours, work in every conceivable direction beyond what is required, but the trilemma described above will sooner or later set natural limits for your income, which will stagnate from then on!

On-going, far-reaching changes in search engine algorithms do the rest, and many a webmaster goes round in circles like a hamster in a wheel without moving one step forward – anything but promising for the long-term future, because one thing is certain in fast-changing eCommerce:

Stagnation means a step backwards in online business..!  

Experts agree, going it alone does not pay off: 

"There is no exponential growth without your own network, period..!"






The solution from this trilemma – your own network in the form of a multi-level networked partner program!!


"Instead of generating 100% on my own, I would prefer it if 100 people each generated 1% for me..!"  (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)

The most striking difference of a conventional affiliate partner program in comparison to a multi-level affiliate partner programme (the so-called MLM affiliate partner program or multiple-tier affiliate program), which we offer you as an option, is that conventional affiliate partner programs are one-dimensional and you as an affiliate in a conventional partner program are only a 

created by the manufacturer.

Unfortunately you do NOT HAVE YOUR OWN NETWORK in this respect – because there is nobody under you who is selling for you…!

You could now be conservative and accept this limiting position and the comparatively low income prospects which are inherent to this one-dimensional system in the long term.

As everybody knows, eCommerce and conservative thinking are fundamentally contradictory like fire and water, but finally we have some good news:


By joining our 
MLM affiliate partner program, the partner program of the next generation, limits of this kind are a thing of the past for ever…! :