Your network development – a possible scenario!


Before we take a hypothetical look at your real earning opportunities as an MLM Affiliate with our 8-level partner programme, we will first of all take a look at a possible scenario of your network development, which the really big success which results directly from this duplication business ultimately depends on!


        The duplication of your commission is always preceded by the duplication of your sales partners in your network..!                        A process which runs completely automatically with our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising!




By way of example, let's look at how your marketing network might develop with the Vitaminum partner programme: 


  • You become our partner and decide on the "MLM Affiliate" option, in order to participate in our network feature and thereby secure the greatest possible return with the help of our automated recommendation marketing (our "No-Door-to-Door" feature).                                                                                                                                                                   
  • Let us assume that you have a small website or blog and now promote our books as an MLM Affiliate. In your capacity as an MLM Affiliate, you also integrate our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising ("Partners-recruit-Partners" campaign) in your website, in order to promote our, and therefore your, partner programme!


  • You now succeed in selling 4 of our eBooks each month without any difficulty – something which you already qualifies for commission group 2 ("Silver") and automatically guarantees you commission on the sales of your sales partners of 9 % in the first level, 4% in the second level, 3% in the third level, 3% in the fourth level and 2% in the fifth level: 




*plus the 40% from your direct sales!





  • In the example graphic below, 10 potential candidates land on your website, click our Partner-recruits-Partner advertising and become partners who we assign to your 1st level (Downline1). You now have 10 sales partners (sub-affiliates)whose procured purchases you also profit from!


  • 3 more webmasters stumble on each of the websites/blogs of these 10 webmasters and become their and therefore also your sales partners. We assign them to your 2nd level (Downline 2) which now already consists of a sales team of  30 sales partners (10x3=30), all of whose sales you directly profit from.


  • The 30 webmasters also integrate the Partner-recruits-Partner advertising for our and therefore your partner programme and each of them recruits another 3 partners which we assign to your 3rd level (Downline 3). Your Downline 3 therefore already consists of 90 sales partners (30x3=90) !


  • 3 more webmasters stumble on the websites/blogs of each these 90 webmasters and become their, and therefore also your, sales partners. We assign them to your 4th level (Downline 4) which therefore already consists of a sale team of 270 sales partners (90x3=270) whose sales you profit from!


  • Last but not least, these 270 webmasters recruit 3 more webmasters, who therefore also become your sales partners. We assign them to your 5th level (Downline 5) which now already consists of a sales team of 810 sales partners (270x3=810), all of whose sales YOU directly profit from.


  • In total, you have thereby passively built up an army of (10+30+90+270+810) 1210 sales partners (sub-affiliates) (through our “No-Door-2-Door-Feature”!), all of whom will hit the "sales trail" for you and whose procured purchases you will directly share in, book by book, with a total of21% (commission level "Silver")!!!




We have restricted the level width in the above calculation example to only 10 partners for illustrative purposes and the sake of clarity, but it is essentially unlimited! 

As you can imagine, the actual recruitment of direct sales partners in the World Wide Web with similarly attractive business models is many times higher..! And we also automate the recruitment process for your new partners for you (our "No-Door-to-Door" feature) – as soon as a new sales partner has registered, you will be notified in your affiliate section at the same time! 




Are you already working as a NETWORKER for another company? We will give you the opportunity to create a second source of income in no time! Since our eBooks do not compete with food supplements, wellness products, diet products, fitness and cosmetics but even synergetically complement them, you can import your existing downline without any problems and immediately get started with full power..!