Your network development – a possible scenario!


As already mentioned, your income development in the network will always follow your network development. 

Every experienced affiliate and networker knows that there are stronger and weaker partners. There are partners who work extremely hard, but there are also those who join a partner programme or network and then do nothing else.

On the basis of
this scenario of your network development, we would now like to picture your possible income development as realistically as possible (taking the example of our bestseller  "Codex Humanus – the Book of Humanity").

In this respect, however, we would rather understate the case than overstate it, in order to be on the safe side and avoid any disappointments…:


  • Let us assume that you have a small website or blog and only sell our bestseller “Codex Humanus” 4 x a month via your website as an MLM Affiliate. 4 sales of this very popular book are not really a challenge, and they qualify you for the "Silver" commission level, which offers you a share in the partner sales over 5 downlines:





*plus 40% from your direct sales!




Since each partner has a share of 40% of the net sales price (minus 19% VAT) in his/her directly procured sales, you receive a commission of € 22.52 for each of your directly procured sales of "Codex Humanus".          

         The calculation is as follows:

         € 22.52 x 4 = € 90.08 / month from your own direct sales revenue! 


  • There are stronger and weaker partners; some go about their work with great ambition and professionalism, others have a passive attitude or else simply do not have a sufficiently strong online presence/marketing power at their disposal!

    While you directly procure 4 purchases of our bestseller "Codex Humanus"  every month, we assume fairly pessimistically that each of your 1210 sales partners (sub-affiliates) only procures 1 x  purchase of our bestseller “Codex Humanus” every month on average.                                                

    According to your current commission group "Silver" (see allocation table "Thresholds and percentages" further below!), you have a share of 9% of all sales of your partners in Level 1 (10 partners), 4% in Level 2 (50 partners), 3% in Level 3 (250 partners), 3% in Level 4 (1250 partners) and, last but not least, 2% in Level 5 (6250 partners).


The calculation (assuming the net price = € 56.30 per book)


   1st Level 56.30 x   10 partners   =        € 563, of which 9%  =  50.67

+ 2nd Level 56.30 x   30 partners   =      € 1,689, of which 4%  =  € 67.56

+ 3rd Level 56.30 x   90 partners   =      € 5,067, of which 3%  = € 152.01

+ 4th Level 56.30 x   270 partners  =    € 15,201, of which 3%  = 456.03

+ 5th Level 56.30 x   810 partners  =   € 45,603, of which 2%  = 912.06

= € 1,638.33  per month from external revenues (revenues of your sales partners) = passive income!

You would therefore generate total monthly sales (your own and external revenues) of € 90.08 + € 1,638.33  = € 1,728.41!



Climb up the commission ladder and increase your income!

This could further motivate you, so that you are involved even more in your directly procured purchases and partner recruitment (e.g. by setting up additional blogs, advertising activities via the social media networks Facebook, Twitter and co., actively contacting other webmasters, etc.), in order to move further up within the commission group and secure a significantly higher commission!




You now succeed in directly procuring at least  9 book sales every month without any problems!

This means that you have qualified for the "Emerald" commission group. However, this provides you with a total commission of 28% on the purchases procured by your sales partners, namely:  10% for Level 1, 5% for Level 2, 4% for Level 3, 3% for Level 4, 3% for Level 5, 2% for Level 6 and finally 1% for Level 7




*plus 40% from your direct sales!




Under the same circumstances as calculated above, you would have multiplied your passive income within the network hierarchy through the direct sale of only 4 more books a month and hence advanced to the "Emerald" commission level from the "Silver" commission level (see table above)! According to the rules of arithmetic, you now secure € 9,008 commission from external revenues from your own network instead of € 1,728.41, something which added to your direct revenues of € 202.68 would result in a tidy sum of

€ 9,210.68


And all this completely passively and without any dependence on search engines, far-reaching EU regulations, etc.!


The calculation (assuming the net price = € 56.30 per book)

   1st Level 56.30 x   10 partners, of which 10%  =     56.30

+ 2nd Level 56.30 x   30 partners, of which  5%  =    € 84.45

+ 3rd Level 56.30 x   90 partners, of which  4%  =  € 202.68

+ 4th Level 56.30 x   270 partners, of which  3%  =   456.03

+ 5th Level 56.30 x   810 partners, of which  3%  =   € 912.06 

+ 6th Level 56.30 x   2430 partners, of which  2%  =  € 1,368.09

+ 7th Level 56.30 x   7290 partners, of which  1%  =  € 4,104.27

€ 9,008 per month from external revenues (revenues of your sales partners) = passive income!


You would therefore generate total monthly sales (your own and external revenues) of € 202.68 + € 9008 = € 9,210.68!


This shows the enormous earning power which can be obtained from a network and why companies such as VorwerkAvon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife and Mary Kay put their faith in precisely this sales system and make billions from it in profits!

While our system automatically ensures that you continuously generate new partners via the campaign of our "Partners-recruit-Partners" partner programme and the network under you develops all by itself (our "No-Door-To-Door" feature), you only have to sell a few eBooks a month yourself, in order to reach the position in the network which warrants the respective payment (see the table above!)




Utopian? Not at all! Do your own calculation and analysis…


If MLM is so successful, why doesn't

EVERY affiliate do it?

>>One word: INCOMPREHENSION! The majority of the population do not understand network marketing (MLM) and do not see the potential. Too few people have seriously and competently considered it so far! Here we are talking about "The Sky is the Limit..!" <<                                                    (Prof. Dr. Zacharias, Worms University of Technology, specialist in network marketing)


This amount will certainly sound high to many who are used to recruiting via conventional one-dimensional affiliate partner programmes…Welcome to the big difference!


Have another look at the above calculation together with all conditions in your own time, and you will discover that the expectations are anything but exaggerated – especially as we have artificially restricted the downline width in all levels to only 10 partners for illustrative purposes. As already mentioned, this is actually UNLIMITED in all downlines and can grow many times over in the long term – and your commission will also increase in proportion, of course..! 

It is also important to mention that sales processing takes place in a shop which automatically suggests other thematically relevant books from our "MEDICAL SCANDALS" series. This extremely interesting topic frequently results in an above-average number of further purchases – all of which we pay you for!

Furthermore, bear in mind that we completely automate your network development via our "No-Door-to-Door" feature – and get the maximum out of the dynamic of the Internet by this means! We also offer THE optimum prerequisites. These are:




a) new, b) absolutely unrivalled, c) exclusive and d) extremely popular niche products in an e) genuine growth market (health)!

Randy Gage, a true great in the network business and a bestselling author, describes the development of a company in his book which he worked for as a networker in the 1980s and which recruited, believe it or not, 60,000 new sales partners per month! 

In contrast, our example is very modest and only refers to 5% of these partners – not per month, but in the longer term! And remember that the Internet and its incredible dynamics were not available to good old Randy in those days..!

By now it should be clear to everyone what we mean by "BUSINESS WITH A DUPLICATING NATURE" and why companies like Avon, Amway, Tupperware, Herbalife and Vorwerk put their faith precisely in this principle of the duplication business and generate billions in sales every year in the process! 

Incidentally, Dexter and Birdie Yager, who work for the MLM company "Amway", are among the most successful networkers in the world and so far have generated an incredible 295,000,000 dollars (in words: 295 million!). Max Schwarz, the most successful German networker, has recorded a total income of 90,000,000 dollars so far..!


A list of 5 German networkers who earn a six-figure income/month:

Willi Fausel, company: LR; income: 103,000 US Dollars per month                                                     Holger Kunath, company: LR; income: 168,000 US Dollars per month                                                 Carsten Ledule, company: PM-International; income: 214,700 US Dollars per month                         Peter and Eva Mueller Meerkatz, company: Amway; income: 297,000 US Dollars per month                    Max Schwarz, MLM company: Amway; income: 315,000 US Dollars per month 

Source: Obtainer

Therefore, reservations and outdated clichés against reputable and long established network marketing belong in the relic box of the last century once and for all – progressive webmasters put their money on precisely this dynamic and contemporary variant of multi-dimensional MLM affiliate marketing, which is the only legal sales form to permit BUSINESS WITH DUPLICATION!


Or to put it in the words of the Forbes Blog, the most important business magazine in the world:

"So, the next time you meet someone who runs a home business or MLM give them a high five for taking their career and life into their own hands and becoming an entrepreneur!" 


Incidentally, MLM is a sales form which many people participate in without even realising it. For example, if you take part in the Friends&Family programme of 1&1 as a professional seller and recruit other resellers, you are already pursing multi-level marketing (MLM). 



No content relevance? No problem! 

The principle of duplication over a multi-level partner programme has aroused your interest, but our products unfortunately do not tie in with the subject matter on your website or blog, meaning that you do not wish to or are unable to promote them..?

No problem with our
"passive eBook affiliate" option! We not only remunerate the recommendation of our products but also the recommendation of our partner programme! Nothing is as neutral as a link with the name "partner programme".

We therefore also enable you to promote our partner programme via the "passive eBook affiliate" option (click
HERE) WITHOUT having to promote our products, and you can secure a passive income over 4 network levels without having to do anything else!

The exclusive promotion of our partner programme also enables you to create a network of sales partners in this case and earn a total of17% across the 4 downlines! (1st Level = 8% + 2nd Level = 4% + 3rd Level = 3% + 4th Level = 2% ) 






Here you would be automatically put in the "Bronze" commission group and profit from the sales of your partners who were recruited via your pages without promoting our books yourself!

Your calculation from the scenario calculated above:

1st Level € 56.30 x 10 partners    = € 562, of which  8 %  =  € 44.96 


2nd Level € 56.30 x 30 partners    = € 1,689, of which 4% =   € 67.56


3rd Level € 56.30 x 90 partners    = € 5,067, of which 3% =   € 152.01


4th Level € 56.30 x 270 partners    = € 15,201, of which 2% = € 304.02


                          = € 568.55 from external revenues (revenues of your sales partners) = your passive income!

You must admit that it's not a bad return for a small banner or short text link with the name "partner programme"





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