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Since the product launch of the book “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity”, the book has broken all sales records in German-speaking regions, the printing presses have not stood still and its readers have rapidly crowned the work as the undisputed No. 1, for good reasons:



 “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity” finally available in English!


After long and tireless preparation, we can now finally offer this invaluable work in two volumesto (also available as eBook!) an English-speaking readership – and in the updated, 3rd edition from August 2018!

    From now on, the “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity” will be sold exclusively via our English language affiliate partner programme (optionally with MLM!) worldwide (we deliver to almost 200 countries!), in time for the New Year.

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What are we actually talking about?


   “The last reason for resisting an innovation in medicine is that hundreds  of thousands of people make their living from something incurable.." (Prof. Dr. Friedrich Friedmann)


    Never before has a single book and ebook in the category “Alternative Medicine & Naturopathy” heated tempers and polarised groups to the extent of “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity”!

    A book that humanity has been waiting for, a work that uses honest, clear language and breaks with taboos by revealing strictly concealed, sabotaged and supressed studies from alternative medicine and naturopathy as well as statements from renowned, incorruptible experts (professors, doctors, scientists and researchers) in response to an explosive increase in “civilisation diseases”!

   This falls on the open ears of the population as never before. Because people are increasingly finding how often conventional medicine comes to a dead end for their own bodies, while dangerous diseases gain the upper hand little by little.

 Millions of victims year after year in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe are the result of a misguided, power and profit based, inhuman system which has seen fit to insidiously introduce a devastating change for humanity via a huge network of suppression, corruption and censorship in the interests of maximising profits for “Big Pharma”.


Independent information which helps the person/patient is extremely sparse in a difficult time, in which powerful, money-oriented interest groups exert direct influence on our health care system. Almost all health guides are like peas in a pod and always repeat what lobby groups release...

Owing to the unaffordable patent system, the artificially created "representative studies" status causes thousands and thousands of credible medical discoveries to be marginalised, which therefore cannot be found the textbooks of future doctors and are only very rarely available in the conventional publishing industry for exactly that reason.


“Codex Humanus – the Book of Humanity" is different!


True to the German motto "The one who heals is right", we take the deeply considered view that every responsible citizen has a natural right to information on the complete repertoire of thoroughly investigated prevention and therapy options available, in order to protect or to restore his or her greatest asset – their health – and to successfully counteract biological ageing!

With the "Codex Humanus", the "Book of Humanity", this valuable knowledge is available for the first time in an uncensored, condensed form on almost 2000 pages, in a way the layman can understand.  All the information is fully substantiated with studies and expert opinion, is technically sound, and includes hundreds of sabotaged and concealed studies, as well as comments from doctors and researchers who are independent of the pharmaceutical industry!

The amalgamation of established tradition with the modern age, the detailed description of the most efficient, traditional remedies of indigenous peoples, such as the indigenous peoples from Central and South America, Ayurveda from India and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), and the latest achievements of the western approaches to orthomolecular medicine, biochemistry and epigenetics make this book unique.

From A for ageing to F for flu and C for cancer and cirrhosis, all ailments and diseases find their potent active substance completely free of side effects here and make it possible to say:


"Every disease loses its fear factor as a result of this book...!"

Codex Humanus, the "Book of Humanity” – is a must for every health-conscious household!

                                                           Watch video: "CODEX HUMANUS"

Above the presentation of our book “Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity” by Robert Franz, the    prominent naturopathic expert and holder of the coveted Torch Bearer Award, an “award for inspiring zest for life and hope”, whose previous recipients include such individuals as Nelson Mandela, Mother Theresa, Michael Gorbachev, Queen Elizabeth II and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Enough with censorship!

"Qui sanat vincit" ("The one who heals is right")


We take the deeply considered view, and are committed to this at a business and private level, that every responsible citizen has a natural right to information on the complete repertoire of thoroughly investigated prevention and therapy options available, in order to protect or restore his or her greatest asset - their health - and to successfully counteract biological ageing!

This is completely irrespective of the fact that natural remedies are not patentable and collide with the financial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and the medical profession for this reason - their effect is therefore kept secret but also frequently denounced in the strongest terms with all available means..!

The answer to the BIG PHARMA, the corrupted conventional medicine, the Codex Alimentarius & Co., is


“Codex Humanus – The Book of Humanity!“





It is only with a strong network and honest explanations that, together, we can introduce a long-term correction to this offending system, a correction which is in harmony with nature and thereby which will hopefully one day soon enable honest, equal, complementary medicine which respectively unifies the best of all medical information for patients and the health interests of people.


The title alone - “Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity” - is a superlative which will

only be  besurpassed in the future by the “Holy Bible” - however, ultimately, it is the content 

which is comprehensible for every medical lay-person and proverbially fabulous and

competently reinforced by thousands of studies and expert opinions, which guarantees to

trigger unprecedented enthusiasm in the area of “Alternative Medicine and Naturopathy”

among the readership and abundant sales.


                                              The exhilarating principle here:

                                          earn good money by serving humanity!



Our bestseller "Codex Humanus - The Book of Humanity" as a hardback in 2 volumes(optional the cheaper eBook!) of almost 2000 pages with all the important natural remedies from every continent and culture in the world, as well as every era of human existence!

Sabotaged and concealed studies as well as unreported research results on sensational successes in the prevention and therapy of hundreds diseases are addressed in this.

An absolute MUST for every health-conscious household, every patient, and every serious therapist!

Price: € 79.90 / 

Your commission: 19.16 EU (40% per sale!*)


*due to printing cots you get the same 40% comission as of the net price of the eBook-version (47,89 EU)


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